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General StrokeIt discussion. 
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Updated Translations Needed   (Pages: 1 2)

by jeff
43 11/18/2015 08:58AM
Last Post by Leo

Is there something more we could try except a complete reinstall ??

by spadekevin
1 07/13/2018 03:00AM
Last Post by spadekevin

Is it possible things got scrambled somehow ???

by spadekevin
1 07/13/2018 02:57AM
Last Post by spadekevin

what my options are?

by yavukiden
1 07/09/2018 04:09AM
Last Post by yavukiden

Do you guys also notice the following behavior?

by yavukiden
1 07/09/2018 04:08AM
Last Post by yavukiden

Mouse doesn't release at end of gesture

by ericynot
1 07/03/2018 03:16PM
Last Post by ericynot

Stroke Line Problem with Head Turn

by yavukiden
1 06/28/2018 11:51PM
Last Post by yavukiden

Continuous stroke in PSP X8?

by yavukiden
1 06/28/2018 11:39PM
Last Post by yavukiden


by spadekevin
1 06/27/2018 05:31AM
Last Post by spadekevin

Looking for a program that uses mouse movements as hotkeys

by Robinson
2 06/24/2018 01:20PM
Last Post by MKairys

Hotkey problem on SpaceTraveller

by spadekevin
1 06/19/2018 02:22AM
Last Post by spadekevin

sandboxie 4.02 from 3.76 Strokeit NOT working after 4.02 upgrade. HELP!

by Robinson
1 05/07/2018 06:22AM
Last Post by Robinson

AAAARGH!!! External Monitor/laptop alignment isues!

by Matthew Neesley
5 04/24/2018 09:32AM
Last Post by kdttaz77

Trouble with shift + win + arrow combo

by caltino
1 02/08/2018 12:29PM
Last Post by caltino

key list not available on main website

by josh
1 10/21/2017 04:50AM
Last Post by josh

Why is Strokeit not working on adobe reader

by JaySee
3 09/08/2017 07:23AM
Last Post by franckspike

Problem with scroll button

by davidclay123
1 08/16/2017 06:49AM
Last Post by davidclay123

How to use it in win 7 64bit

by pallas19
2 07/16/2017 05:40PM
Last Post by Leo

Strokeit not working on my main mouse

by Kenchiltk
1 07/15/2017 08:14AM
Last Post by Kenchiltk

how to send arrow up in strkeit- send key strokes?

by zxyzgt
3 06/27/2017 02:08PM
Last Post by Johnny

StrokeIt in Tibia

by Rafau
1 05/27/2017 09:34AM
Last Post by Rafau

How to restart and shutdown my pc with strokeit?

by ratapan
2 05/17/2017 06:50AM
Last Post by MKairys

Insert Hotkey for OneNote

by Susanne
2 04/21/2017 05:50AM
Last Post by MKairys

Reinstalled windows, didn't export, can still retrieve?

by Compnerd2525
2 01/25/2017 07:35AM
Last Post by MKairys

Strokeit on newer touchpads ("clickpads")

by amit
5 01/15/2017 04:39AM
Last Post by Cowicide

Colored line trail offset in chrome and firefox... not under cursor

by septemter15th
8 12/25/2016 07:01AM
Last Post by junaid

Where did Jeff go? Would he be back here again?

by uxxucc
10 12/20/2016 08:19AM
Last Post by MKairys

Finally! a worthy Linux alternative (and maybe better!)

by amit
1 12/04/2016 12:38AM
Last Post by amit

Set StrokeIt gestures to default

by eljocho
3 11/26/2016 05:58AM
Last Post by eljocho

How to change the gestures performed that the usage count of strokeit when I reinstalled system?

by xu
2 09/27/2016 09:22AM
Last Post by xu

[solved] Gestures don't work in my strokeit because my system crashed when i backup using onekeyGhost yesterday.

by xu
3 09/25/2016 02:15PM
Last Post by xu