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  • News:
    StrokeIt .9.7 Released

    - New Pro version with Lua scripting and support for 4/5 button mice.
    - Fixed all known crashes on Win95 through Win7.
    - Download it here

    StrokeIt Plugins go Open Source

    - The source code for many StrokeIt plugins is now available under the MIT License.
    - An updated StrokeIt Plugin SDK is available for creating your own plugins.
    - Get started developing your own StrokeIt plugins today!
    - Visit the Developers Section for details.

    - Check out the Wiki Documentation for usage examples and more.
    - Everyone is encouraged to help contribute to the community documentation!

    - Check out the Developers page for the SDK and information on creating your own plugins to work with StrokeIt

    - Visit Translation Section to use StrokeIt in your own language.

  • What is StrokeIt?

    StrokeIt is an advanced mouse gesture recognition engine and command processor. What is a mouse gesture? Mouse gestures are simple symbols that you "draw" on your screen using your mouse. When you perform a mouse gesture that StrokeIt can recognize, it will perform the "action" associated with that gesture. In short, it's a nifty little program that lets you control your computer by drawing shapes with your mouse.

  • How do I perform a gesture?

    Click and hold down the right mouse button and then draw the mouse gesture you want performed. You can temporarily disable StrokeIt by holding down the Control key, or right clicking on the StrokeIt icon in the system tray. If you want to cancel a mouse gesture you've already started drawing, simply left click.

  • What mouse gestures does StrokeIt come pretrained to recognize?

    StrokeIt can recognized more than 80 unique mouse gestures.

  • Who created StrokeIt?

    StrokeIt was written entirely by Jeff Doozan.

  • How big is it?

    The installer is around 140k, with the recognition engine weighing in around 15k. Normal memory usage varies by system, but is generally is between 90k and 300k. StrokeIt does not require any additional files or libraries.

  • Is it really free?

    Yes, StrokeIt is free for individual and not-for-profit charitable entity use (excluding governmental entities and educational institutions). For-profit business entities, governmental entities, or educational institutions can purchase licenses for only $10/ea.

  • Can I use StrokeIt technology in my own program?

    You sure can! Grab the SDK and start coding. It's easy to create plugins that will interact with your applications.

  • Can I bundle StrokeIt with my program

    Distribution Licenses are available for developers who would like to bundle StrokeIt with their applications.