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StrokeIt Actions

Share and discuss your custom commands and configurations. 
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Chinese (Taiwan) Translation for StrokeIt 0.97 from 17.06.2014 Attachments

by Leo
1 06/21/2014 03:48AM
Last Post by Leo

Metin Turkish Translation for StrokeIt 0.97 from 11.01.2011 Attachments

by Leo
1 07/09/2011 02:29PM
Last Post by Leo

soupflood Romanian Translation for StrokeIt 0.97 from 07.06.2011 Attachments

by Leo
1 07/09/2011 02:24PM
Last Post by Leo

Go backward,forward & one level up

by Tatsu
7 04/18/2019 08:45PM
Last Post by happyleila

Windows Media Player

by Benorn
9 04/17/2019 03:24AM
Last Post by happyleila

Restore minimized window

by theinvoker
2 04/15/2019 06:25AM
Last Post by happyleila

alt + left is not the best solution to go back

by theinvoker
7 01/26/2019 02:49AM
Last Post by theinvoker

Strokeit sometimes doesn't work

by theinvoker
7 01/11/2019 09:11AM
Last Post by MKairys

how to assign middle mouse button to 'browser back' (alt + left)

by yelldio
6 09/13/2018 09:53AM
Last Post by MKairys

Responding to Chrome widgets

by Mario
1 08/16/2017 12:19PM
Last Post by Mario

True Window Class of Open and Save As

by Omo
3 07/18/2017 04:24PM
Last Post by Omo

How to open an app with a gesture

by cyanide911
5 08/29/2016 09:54AM
Last Post by Juston


by Aikon
2 01/14/2016 08:54AM
Last Post by r48

Windows 10 task view and desktop switch commands

by gorkyness
1 03/25/2015 12:37PM
Last Post by gorkyness

How to close tabs in chrome

by bomotoko
3 03/25/2015 12:33PM
Last Post by gorkyness

[Windows 7] Alt + Tab window switching possible?

by Ben
15 02/18/2015 02:48AM
Last Post by jpb

Jordan\'s Straight Strokes

by Jordan
5 01/20/2015 08:11PM
Last Post by ontario

How to send a media key?

by yang
3 10/13/2014 07:14AM
Last Post by yang

How to enter password and hit OK in StrokIt

2 09/12/2014 04:46PM
Last Post by Leo

how to run my.vbs ?

by i5
2 07/08/2014 12:59AM
Last Post by i5

[Win8]Win+X memu(To send keystrokes)possible?

by yan
1 07/03/2014 10:38AM
Last Post by yan

No drawing on the desktop

by Runsilent
7 04/08/2014 09:15AM
Last Post by Teuf


by dek
8 02/13/2014 02:29PM
Last Post by Me

Chrome Streamus plus Stroke it

by ndmaar
2 01/29/2014 04:47AM
Last Post by ndmaar

StrokeIt and gaming - problem

by tom
4 04/07/2013 09:01AM
Last Post by Leo

How to open "Folder Options" on "File Types" tab?

by grasshopper
1 03/17/2013 12:15PM
Last Post by grasshopper


by beingforyou3
7 02/15/2012 10:24PM
Last Post by Biales

close pin tab in Firefox

by Fifo
1 12/30/2011 10:45AM
Last Post by Fifo

how to make "save as" action in IE with strokeit?

by istrokeit
2 08/16/2011 05:42PM
Last Post by Cerberus

Anybody who knows how to perform horizontal scroll?

by Apple
3 06/08/2011 09:31AM
Last Post by Bennomoehlman

Mouse wheel not working

by Oscar
4 05/21/2011 01:01AM
Last Post by Joe

Switching between tabs in Chrome?

by Timofiend
5 05/20/2011 05:58PM
Last Post by eltranced

how to alt + tab multiple times

by operaUser
11 05/15/2011 08:00PM
Last Post by eltranced