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[Newbie] Can StrokeIt do this in a web-browser?

Posted by Matt 
[Newbie] Can StrokeIt do this in a web-browser?
September 27, 2008 03:36PM
Hey everyone!

My name is Matt and I recently started using StrokeIt and enjoy it.

I do have one question (or maybe feature request)

When I surf the net I always use StrokeIt for back/forward commands which are excellent. But if I browse, for example, a web-forum I would like it to "automaticall" take me to page 2.


I'm on http://www.hardforum.com/forumdisplay.php?f=60&order=desc&page=2 (notice the number 2 in the end of the URL)
If I use the mouse to make a forward command I would like strokeit to take me to page no 3 instead of "just foward".

Anyone know if this is possible?

Thank you very much!
Re: [Newbie] Can StrokeIt do this in a web-browser?
September 27, 2008 05:41PM
its very possible! I been enjoying it for years now :D Its been around for Maxthon for ages now, like most good power browsing features that have been added before other browsers and devs ever got around to grasping the potential of such features :) ... I use it all the time in maxthon classic and M2.. 'Open Next' binded to right>left and 'Open Previous' left>right stroke directions.. use the same default right & left for forwards & backwards page history flipping... but all those are binded through maxthons builtin gesturing system (its just as good as strokeit and provides a quicker way of directly setting up bindings for browser controls instead of going through strokeit, mainly just use strokeit for everything outside of the browser app) .. So have strokeit disabled for Maxthon seeing as it doesn't need it.. and basicly the open/next&previous plugins just scans the page for keywords 'next' and 'previous' with links although its got more advanced checking aswel like incrementing page urls .. very configurable and intelligent but you can set it up on a per site basis if it doesn't automactically detect the correct method, rarely had to myself :) another addon for Maxthon is 'SuperGo2' but it requires more setup, its older so.

anyway Firefox also has a similar plugin you'd have to look around for but it wasn't as good as Maxthons ones thats for sure..actually few FF developed 3rd plugins ever end up being better than maxthons builtin developed ones, they usually suck from poor design and implementation :P also FF various plugin gesturing addons are a bit shit in comparison to maxthons faster builtin implementation, and M2 has a anti-aliased smoothed line strokes, and its still faster than the FF ones :) You'll also have more setup in getting the FF plugins 'open next' like plugin to work with the whichever mouse gesturing plugin.. FF firegestures is about the closet to decent gesturing plugin for FF tbh.. can't remember the 'open next' like plugin for FF but it does have some poorly implemented one I do remember that.

Either way strokeit is just better disabled for browsers as its just easier to use builtin/ or plugin gesturing setup developed for that browser, unless you want the longer method of setting up hotkeys binded to plugins, and then binding strokeit to invoke that hotkey.. don't be silly. Although for FF, strokeit would probably still have a faster implementation than firegestures.
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